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The Mapmaker's Challenge
A courageous path between despair and joy

Mapmakers do not have it easy these days. They are enormously challenged by the situations that the world is creating and want to respond to them as responsibly as possible. They meditate, they activate their Magic and their metaphysical abilities,

And yet, at times, hardly anything seems to change for the better. They suffer from the fact that their Magic does not always work and the metaphysical tools do not always take effect.

This fills them with anger and frustration, especially often towards themselves. Then again, something seems to be moving - much to the delight of Mapmakers.

So, how do mapmakers deal with this waviness? How do they keep their passion and focus even in times when nothing seems to be working out. Neither in the world, nor personally?

That's what my guides want to answer this evening.

With a guided meditation with music.

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